Recovering deer damage on Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' - click to enlarge


Integrated Pest Management Research:

IPM is an integral component of a succesful landscape. GHHF is conducting research to advance IPM in our area, Zone 5.

Boxwood blight is a fungus that we are hearing a lot about. Click here for more information. Because of this blight, we haven’t brought any boxwood onto the property. Until more is known, we’ll continue to exercise caution when considering boxwood.

Cedar Apple Rust is a fungus we have seen on its host plant, Juniper. We have our susceptible plants (Malus, prunus, Crataegus, etc) treated several times a season with a fungicide to prevent leaf spot, defoliation and decline.

Needlecast is another fungus we have seen kill large specimen evergreens in the past. For 2016, our susceptible evergreens will be treated to prevent this fungus.

Southern Blight or Crown rot is a new fungus for this area, probably because of the mild 2015/2016 winter.  This is an aggressive fungus that requires us to remove and throw away (not compost) all affected plants and the surrounding soil. The gardens will be treated with the appropriate fungicide and left empty for a season.


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